The 5 new turbines will be located in a semi circle below the existing windfarm; The set back distance between the nearest turbine and the nearest dwelling is 1.2km and the windfarm will operate well within permitted noise levels. The existing windfarm access road will be used for access to the site, new windfarm roads to a length of 2250 meters will be built along with associated crane areas ; each foundation will be 20.5m in diameter and 2.7 meter deep and require 70 tons of steel and 470m3 of concrete.

The total area occupied by the new windfarm , when completed will be less than 14 acres. A new substation behind the existing substation, will be built and linked via underground cables to ESB’s new substation, Ardnagappery, at Bunbeg Industrial Estate; a total length of 4.46 km, 2.6km along Regional Road 258; 0.32km along the side of N56 and up 0.24km up the Local Road L525 3-1, and the final 1.3km up the windfarm access road.


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